Why is there a Media Blackout on the details of Covid-19 vaccines?

Ian Haydon/Institute for Protein Design

To develop a coronavirus vaccine, synthetic biologists try to outdo nature

" With Gates and NIH funding, the emerging field of synthetic biology is answering the SOS over Covid-19 "

"  Gates Foundation is spreading its bets among several cutting-edge vaccine platforms, including those using genetic material, one based on synthetic biology "
"  when President Trump visited NIH last week, his tour included the lab that’s collaborating with UW’s, and researchers showed him a mock-up of what synthetic biology can do: Design and build nanoparticles out of proteins and attach viral molecules in a repetitive array so that, when the whole thing is packed into a vaccine "

This website encourages traditional  and natural  vaccines that have been tested and developed over years of intensive safety studies.

Are you aware that as of February 4, 2020 your right to sue for damages incurred by any and all covid-19 vaccines or countermeasures are nullified and denied by changes implemented to the PREP Act? Are you aware the National Guard has been included in these changes to receive immunity from any and all incurred damages from covid-19 vaccines?  

Only in the case of death or extreme malpractice do you have rights to sue. These 'safe' EUA emergency use authorization vaccines lack any legal confidence from the very companies, governmental entities, and HealthCare institutions that have afforded themselves 'above the law' legal protection. These EUA covid-19 vaccines state that persons under the age of 16 shall not receive them.  I wonder why?

It currently appears that Your COVID-19 vaccine will be a unnatural SYNTHETIC genetic mRNA construct. Even the squalene solution 'adjuvants' that the leading Covid-19 vaccines use  are synthetic genetic nano particles. Sort of like a nano-particle Frankenstein of un-natural synthetic material. This technology is being developed for all vaccines including the Flu. To think that a generation of multiple synthetic genetic vaccinated Humans will not have unforseen repercussions on future generations DNA is both foolish and naive.

We stand on the precipice of programming the very fabric of life (DNA) with synthetic RNA technologies. This synthetic genetic manipulation will forever change mankind as a species. 

They tell you that mRNA "only instructs your DNA to make a harmless protein" or "mRNA cannot alter your DNA".
"seeing is believing" so lets see what the experts say!

Illustration Sarah Grillo Axios

The age of engineering life begins
"as computers help synthetic biologists truly program life like their counterparts already program computers.

The catch: What makes biology uniquely powerful — self-replication — can also make it dangerous and hard to control."

Christine Mayr is a member of the Cancer Biology and Genetics Program of the Sloan Kettering Institute.

In a Twist, Scientists Find Cancer Drivers Hiding in RNA, Not DNA


"New research suggests that mRNA itself may carry cancer-causing changes."
"they found that a substantially greater number of people with CLL had an inactivation of a tumor-suppressor gene at the mRNA level than those who had it at the DNA level."

Must Watch! "Hacking the Software of Life" The Genetic Engineering of mRNA that is injected or transfused into your body changing your DNA makeup.

Gene editing can now change an entire species -- forever by Jennifer Kahn. This video tells us that genetic hacking can change your DNA FOREVER!

 The term "Gene editing" or "Gene Therapy" means altering your DNA.

"The figure shows the main difference between mRNA and gene DNA therapy. You need to deliver mRNA only to the cytoplasm for it to work, while DNA delivery requires an additional, but a difficult step, of delivery to the nucleus. The difference between the two counts for both effectiveness and safety."


Bill Gates " There’s a catch, though: we don’t know for sure yet if RNA is a viable platform for vaccines. Since COVID would be the first RNA vaccine out of the gate"

Read this article on how your DNA can be altered with a GM vaccine. Who knows what implications this GM mRNA vaccine would hold on your long term health. Potentially targeting any gene, cell, or function of your DNA!

 These synthetic mRNA Human vaccines are a brand new technology never before used on Humans. 
Time = your safety!
Haste = Genetic side effects that could do 'God knows what' to your DNA in the longevity. 



"all 15 patients experienced side effects, including fatigue, chills, headache, muscle pain"

"entirely new technology that uses messenger RNA, the body’s key envoy of genetic information inside cells"

"fever of more than 103 degrees, sought medical attention,
and, after being released from an urgent care facility, fainted in his home."

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on coverup of severe reactions to Moderna mRNA vaccine,​​​​​​​ "Ian Haydon is now an embarrassment to Fauci & Gates and their CNN cheerleaders. He will therefore vanish into the censorship twilight."

"Pfizer and BioNTech. The companies are testing four vaccines, each using messenger RNA, with a different combination of mRNA to targeted antigens (to produce antibodies). Called BNT162 "

"If an mRNA vaccine was approved for coronavirus, it would be the first of its type. "It's a very unique way of making a vaccine and, so far, no (such) vaccine has been licensed for infectious disease," said Prof. Bekeredjian-Ding."

SHORT CUTS ARE GREAT ON A TRIP TO THE STORE,....... BUT NOT WHEN YOUR INJECTING A NEW and UNPROVEN synthetic genetically modified construct of nano particle mRNA TECHNOLOGY INTO YOUR BODY.

Johnson & Johnson Vaccine AD26

 This natural vaccine contains no synthetic nano particle genetic compounds but.......A vaccine spliced with the common cold virus and the Covid-19 virus would be crazy....right?

Apparently a version of the common cold virus that is highly infectious is genetically engineered not to self replicate than spliced with the Covid-19 spike protein.

This Covid-19 vaccine is the only one close to approval that is natural. The safest natural preference to date would be this one developed by Johnson & Johnson.

Common Cold virus combined with Covid-19 virus!

The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson

"The Janssen vaccine candidate is a recombinant vector vaccine that uses a human adenovirus to express the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein in cells. Adenoviruses are a group of viruses that cause the common cold. However, the adenovirus vector used in the vaccine candidate has been modified so that it can no longer replicate in humans and cause disease." https://www.nih.gov/news-events/news-releases/fourth-large-scale-covid-19-vaccine-trial-begins-united-states

AD26 Vaccine


Aluminum Phosphate in AD26 vaccine


Common Cold virus genetically engineered with covid-19

Altering DNA and manipulating virus organisms and creating a new (non-replicating) vaccine virus all sounds great for medical science but unforeseen consequences may be on the horizon if we inject MILLIONS or BILLIONS of doses of these DNA altered (non-replicating) Genetic vaccines into humans. Could this vaccine result in some unforeseen consequence and self-replicate?

"They chose adenovirus serotype 26 — Ad26, for short — a relatively rare virus that causes mild colds but is very effective at invading human cells."

"To create the vaccine, they collaborated with Crucell, a Dutch company that was bought by Johnson & Johnson in 2011. The researchers disabled the Ad26 virus so that it could only invade cells but not multiply in them." ​​​​​​​




Does history really repeat itself and if so would you care, take note, or even pay attention? We are being told NOTHING about these "new and revolutionary" SYNTHETIC vaccines!


Modifying Your Own Genes Is Just An Injection Away–If You’re Feeling Lucky
"If you want to genetically modify yourself, it turns out, it’s not necessarily complicated. As he offered samples in small baggies to the crowd, Zayner explained that it took him about five minutes to make the DNA that he brought to the presentation."
He fills the needle and plunges it into his skin.
“This will modify my muscle genes and give me bigger muscles.”
"Zayner has a PhD in molecular biology and biophysics, and worked as a research fellow at NASA modifying organisms for life on Mars."